Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I am still here, just losing my mind. I've been really sick. I have a severe sinus infection. The doctor seems to think it was brought on by pollutants and allergens from the construction.

Oh yes, the construction. I finally caved and had a chat with the construction guys last week. Seems my landlord is building a 3 family house in my backyard. This after they started showing up and doing work 8 feet from my head at 7am. Sawing and soldering metal, using a backhoe, hammering...you get the picture. The smell alone is ungodly. I've already made calls to the Department of Environmental Protection. I emailed the landlord about my concerns - could we maybe get a timeline of how long this project will last? Could she maybe ask the guys not to show up before 9am? I mentioned that I was nearing the end of a high risk pregnancy and that there were health concerns as well as the idea of bringing an infant home here to this racket. I also mentioned that the house seems to have settled some and that I noticed a crack in the wall of the baby's room-to-be. She emailed me back with a congratulations, ignored all of my concerns and told me she's sending someone to look at that wall and to please let him in. He's already cancelled twice in less than a week. He's due to show up tomorrow...we'll see. Anyway, it's clear that she's all about protecting her investment, no worries about the people who pay an unbelievable amount of rent. Marc and I talked on Friday after I had an almost complete nervous breakdown (that will happen when you lose 2+ hours of sleep you depend on every night) and we decided that maybe we should look into moving. We looked at places over the weekend and we are signing a lease on Thursday. It's right up the block from my mom, it's a gorgeous prewar 2 bedroom for hundreds less than we pay here, plus we won't have to pay heat (like we do here). Meanwhile, this sinus infection was diagnosed today as a result of the serious changes to my environment, plus the stress level is not allowing my body to heal, and given my history, this seems like the best plan.

So we're moving at the end of the month. That gives me less than 3 weeks to pack up the entire apartment, hire movers, and change the cable, the electricity, etc over to the new apartment. I'm telling the landlord tomorrow. The expired lease says that we need to give her 30 days, but what-the-fuck-ever. I was on the Department of Buildings website checking out the new place to make sure there weren't serious landlord-tenant issues and I checked on my current landlord. Turns out she filed for this permit back in MAY. She knew for over 6 months she'd be doing this construction. Three weeks notice is plenty as far as I'm concerned.

Once we're moved, then I can find a new OB. Did I mention mine decided it was time to move south and I don't have one anymore? I have no OB and I'm moving and I'm almost 29 weeks pregnant? I'm supposed to have a c-section in 9 weeks.